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Joseph’s last memory of his mother was of her holding him on her lap and giving him a piece of sugar cane. His mother died shortly after of AIDS, leaving him in the care of an aunt. Having too many children to care for herself and hoping that Joseph could have a better life, his aunt took him to an orphanage outside of Kampala, Uganda. There, at the age of 3, Joseph was stripped of his family, any knowledge of his history and of his identity.

Starving not just physically, but emotionally, Joseph craved a loving family. A high-energy little boy, he felt imprisoned within the walls of the orphanage. One out-burst after another led to merciless beatings by the caregivers. At the age of 11, Joseph escaped the orphanage, hoping for freedom on the streets. This was short-lived, however, after he was caught stealing.  Having no birth registration or family history, Joseph was sent by police back to the very orphanage that abused him. Today, Joseph waits, with many others, to belong to a family.

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