Documenting the pain of life in an institution (orphanage)

At Each Inc. we strongly believe in the value of children’s stories.

One story we recently discovered, Querido Panamá (or Dear Panama), powerfully documents the impact of institutionalization on the 1200 children living in 34 Panamanian orphanages.  For the 2%* of these children who are eventually placed in foster or adoptive care, most wait between three and 18 years to find their forever home.

Promoting legislative reform, reunification of families, foster care and adoption, the film examines the (then) proposed amendment to Law 61 by SENNIAF,  which supports the rights of every child in Panama to a family.  Since the making of Dear Panama, the amendment has evolved to become an entirely new law. Passed in July 2013, Law 46 shortens the time of family investigations, creates a nationwide foster care program, and streamlines the adoption process.

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