Building a global safety net for children

Have you ever celebrated with someone turning 18? Watching a transition into adulthood here in the U.S, provides a stark reminder of the importance of a birth certificate and social security card. A young adult needs documentation to prove her age and get her first job and driver’s license, to reconcile her health records for insurance, to travel, to pursue higher education, and eventually to obtain a lease.

A legal identity for each child is so basic that we often take it for granted. Yet, over 200 million children around the world lack even the most basic identity through birth registration. Millions more find themselves separated from their families, without documentation. In a dangerous world, Each Inc.’s mission to improve care and protection for the most vulnerable has never been more needed.

As we celebrate Universal Children’s Day we here at Each Inc. have reflected on our first pilot in Guatemala earlier this year. Through work with social workers and the government we were able to identify specific ways that simple technology tools could improve services and fill bureaucratic cracks that cause children to languish unnecessarily in orphanages. With lessons learned in 2014, we are taking the next step in creating a simple child registration tool and secure data gateway that can be used by a wide range of clients working to protect children. We continue to receive requests from organizations in over 15 countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas for low-cost, user-friendly data management tools. To meet this large and growing demand and raise money for our next technology build, we are planning a crowd funding campaign for early 2015. Please help us make it a success!

As we build on our momentum, Each Inc. has benefitted organizationally this year to help us prepare for a new phase in our development:

  • We have an experienced governing Board in place and will be launching our new Each Net Builders Council in 2015 to formalize our relationship with thought leaders and advocates to advise and promote Each Inc.
  • We have made important additions to our volunteer team, and our Founder, Jean Geran, has forged new affiliations with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its Center for Non-profits and Center for Southeast Asian Studies.
  • We also are receiving pro bono services from a highly respected law firm in Washington, D.C., and both a creative design firm and an event management company in New York City. Sagamore Institute continues to provide administrative and management support.

With this growing organizational capacity we are excited for 2015 and our plans to build tools that can help find, name, register and assist millions of children. Exploiters use technology to abuse and terrify. Our partners are working to protect but need help to improve their efforts and join with others to lift children out of adversity. For information on how you can continue to support our work, visit and stay tuned for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign in early 2015!

Together we are building a new global safety net for children. We hope you will support us as we take the next steps toward this global vision in the best interests of each child.

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