What can Obama do about the surge of minors from Central America?


Last fall, as part of Shadow Government’s 12-Step Plan to recovering Obama’s foreign policy mojo, I suggested launching an initiative to protect the young hearts and minds of unaccompanied minors crossing international borders. One of the crises an initiative like this might have averted is now upon us, and the administration is struggling to handle it: The growing number of unaccompanied minors migrating from Central America to the United States has become a “surge” with no end date in sight. Last week, the president declared it a humanitarian crisis and ordered FEMA officials to coordinate the response. He also is asking Congress for $1.4 billion to help the agencies cope.

The youth, mostly teenage boys, although with a growing number of girls and younger children, primarily are fleeing gangs and related violence in their home countries…Link

Securing a better future means knowing your past

USAID blog

Everyone loves a good story. Fairy tales take us to faraway lands and help us dream dreams. Horror stories scare us and make us appreciate our own security. The moral of a story can grow our character and teach us valuable principles. But the stories we love most are those that allow us to see new possibilities for our own story. Because the most valuable story for each of us is our own. I was fortunate to have parents who believed in their little girl’s potential and made me feel that I could accomplish anything if I set my mind to it. A ‘sky’s the limit’ mentality is not always the norm for young women in the United States and often remains unimaginable to women and girls around the world…Link

Are the kids alright?


A nation can be judged by how it cares for and protects the most vulnerable.  As our fearless curator Will Inboden pointed out, it was a welcome change when President Obama gave due credit to President Bush for… Link

Waiving our responsibility to vulnerable children


The bungled handling of the requirements of the Child Soldier Prevention Act last week is a clear and disturbing sign that the U.S. policy apparatus around global children’s issues remains seriously broken…Link

The needs of children are best served by family-based alternatives to institutional care


Strong and healthy families are not only critical for fixing a broken Britain, they also are the best line of protection for millions of children around the world…Link

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