Celebrating collaboration

At Each Inc. we look forward to the opportunities to celebrate the work of our network. As a small non-profit, we are grateful to partner with fellow organizations working to protect and care for children globally.

International Social Service (ISS) is one of these partners.  Last week, we were honored to participate as a network sharing sponsor at the fifth annual ISS-USA conference held at the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

This year’s event highlighted Cooperation, Communication and Compassion: Developing Child-Centered Practice in Law, Social Work and Policy or Cross-Border Families. The agenda focused on “many of the most pressing issues in cross-border child welfare and protection” and included representatives of public and private organizations and agencies responsible for children with cross-border family connections.  Of particular concern at this year’s conference was the stream of children coming to the U.S. from Central America.  We heard from a distinguished panel, including Ambassadors and officials from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Canada who outlined the push and pull factors affecting these children.  An appropriate response to the needs of each of these children is hindered by a lack of interagency coordination, consular capacity to track the children, and an inability among officials and service providers to share data on each child and assist and protect them on the journey.

Each Inc. Founder and President, Jean Geran represented our work at the event, and is now discussing a potential new project with ISS-USA and the embassies of the affected countries.  In our proposed joint project, ISS-USA would provide cross-border social work training and Each Inc. would provide new data management tools and technology support to officials and others seeking to assist these extremely vulnerable children.

We look forward to sharing best practices and building new relationships from this important convening.

For more information on the ISS-USA conference, please visit the ISS-USA website.

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