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Great challenges provide great opportunity

The data and technology challenges in the child protection sector lend themselves to looking beyond traditional charitable approaches and applying new business and social enterprise models to meet them. Stories have value for the children themselves and the people seeking to assist them. The data those stories contain also has value. We believe that over the long-term, practitioners who use our system to securely record and protect each child’s identity and history also will be creating valuable aggregate data that can be de-linked from individual children and used to improve policies and programs to help all children. The aggregate data could eventually be used to create data products that may be sold to researchers, governments and other stakeholders to sustain the social outcomes of the enterprise on behalf of the world’s children.

Our Objectives:

  1. Assess Needs – Conduct a needs and goals assessment of child protection practitioners/organizations (both primary users of our technology and other stakeholders).
  2. Provide Technology Solutions – Define requirements for technical solutions through mapping existing technologies, testing a mobile phone application, and implementing new data management systems for clients.
  3. Build Capacity – Facilitate and promote capacity building through education and other support for unmet needs among child protection practitioners and their organizations.
  4. Improve Programs and Policies – Inform better policies and programs involving vulnerable children by utilizing data reports and research benefiting both system users and data consumers.
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