Starting in Kenya

Our vision, like the need, is global. We are starting this month in Kenya where both the need and opportunity are great. The motivation for this work comes from each of our own stories working on child protection and related issues. It also was prompted by innovations made by applying new technologies in other sectors like micro-enterprise, refugee re-unification, rural banking and crisis mapping.

Friends who have built valuable tools like Kopeshaand Ushahidi in Kenya have inspired us to try and apply these technologies to the field of child protection. Mobile phone penetration is increasing dramatically, especially in the developing world, and even in places as difficult as Afghanistan. We hope to capitalize on these trends. There will be challenges, and our biggest will be security of the data collected. Information on any child is highly sensitive and must be handled carefully. We believe the solutions are out there and together we can discover them to make a free mobile, cloud computing system work safely on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable.

Forming a Posse – In addition to new technology, there are many organizational structures emerging to adapt to our changing world. Another of our goals is to experiment with new forms of cooperation and support. We see Each Inc. as a sort of hub where we will match resources with needs of practitioners by forming coalitions around specific challenges that practitioners face. Our friends at Philanthrocapitalism have used the term posse to refer to similar coalitions formed to solve a global problem. Already we are benefiting from valuable help from partners like PAYG solutions building our demo, the Orphan Institute, and Buckner International hosting our first field work in Kenya and providing other needed support as we launch. A ‘posse’ fits our approach well, and we will be learning and adapting as we go. As we document our own story as Each Inc and that of our partners, we trust you will be inspired by the stories we will tell of courageous people working to ensure that each child is cared for and protected. Help us help them by following us, participating in the conversation and spreading the word. If you have time, experience, expertise or skills you would like to share we would love to hear from you about that too. We are a diverse and committed group, separated by oceans and continents, but united in purpose…because each child has a story. Join us!

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