We all know how heartbreaking it is to see, or even think about, an innocent child suffering. Even more heartbreaking is a child who suffers alone. There are millions of them in the world today. Orphaned, abandoned, abused, trafficked, abducted, or displaced they suffer in silence, alone and afraid. They can be invisible, and often overlooked, even in our efforts on other noble causes. Yet each one of them has a unique history, inherent dignity and potential. Each one has a story. Even when we know they are there and have the best intentions, it can be difficult to know how best to help them when we lack access to critical information about each of them. Our vision at Each Inc. is that each child, no matter where they live, will be cared for and protected. We believe that each child needs to be loved, known and understood by someone who has each one’s best interests at heart. This is the vision we exist to achieve.

We never could dream of achieving this vision ourselves. Our strategy, therefore, is to provide capacity building and technology support to anyone working to care for and protect vulnerable children globally. Only by empowering and strengthening those on the frontlines working with children will we be able to find solutions for millions of children living alone. We will serve them as they serve these children.


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